Home & Vehicle Removalists

SQUARE peg is proud to be providing the people ofsquarepeg

Melbourne with a fleet footed furniture removal solution.

Look NO further. You don’t get skills without practice and that

is why we demand that our young team of gentlemen spend up to

2 hours per day playing Tetris.

There is no rest for the true professional removalist. We are equipped to

move your couch, your apartment, your home or even your business.

  • 2 Men and 1 Truck Teams From $110 per hour (gst inc)*
  • 4 Men and Truck Teams from $200 per hour (gst inc)*

* Our Vans or Trucks always come equipped with at least a 2 Man Team.

SQUARE peg is the moving specialists that you should approach when it is time to

relocate your home throughout Melbourne. Our 2 or 4 men removal teams will get the job done

with a smile, a laugh and with out a hassle or arthritis complaints.

When booking a removalist within Melbourne would you want to have a old, frail

chimney smoker of a man or a SQUARE pegger.